PageCraft Instructors


Hal Ackerman

Credits: Co-Chair of UCLA Screenwriting Program; Write Screenplays That Sell…The Ackerman Way (book); Testosterone…How Prostate Cancer Made a Man of Me (play).
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Ben Blacker

Credits: Nerdist Writers Panel; Thrilling Adventure Hour; Supernatural; The Adventures of Puss in Boots; Supah Ninjas; Thunderbolt (comic); Wolverine: Season One (comic).
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Paul Chitlik

Credits: The Twilight Zone; Brothers; Perfect Strangers; Real Stories of the Highway Patrol; Alien Abduction; Rewrite (book); professor at UCLA and Loyola Marymount.
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Heath Corson

Credits: WGA Award for Aim High; Fiasco (upcoming); Justice League: Throne of Atlantis; Justice League: War; Batman: Assault on Arkham; The Nerdist Writers Panel: Comics Edition.
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Nicholas Griffin
Nicholas Griffin

Credits: Matchstick Men; Terriers; Hunter/Zakin Chair in Screenwriting at UCLA.
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Heidi Hornbacher

Credits: Judge for Slamdance & The Page Awards; The Commune
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Neil Landau

Credits: Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead; Melrose Place; The Magnificent Seven; Doogie Howser, M.D.; Undressed; Tad, the Lost Explorer; The TV Showrunner’s Roadmap and The Screenwriter’s Roadmap (books); Professor at UCLA and USC.
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