Hearthside Salons
Location: Zoom
Time: most Tuesdays, 5pm PT/8pm ET
Cost: free

Talks and conversations to feed your creative fire.

We believe the exchange of creative, thought-provoking ideas is what sparks inspiration.

Depending on the featured guest, the talk may take the form of a lecture or a Q&A. Both styles open up for audience questions toward the end. We have a limit of 100 participants per Salon, so please register early if you see something you don’t want to miss. Archived podcasts are available for download, below.

Upcoming guests and talks:

  • June 2 – Michael Mack – Writer, Actor, Director: “Boldly going where no (black) man has gone before: Star Trek, spirituality, creativity”
    Michael was the first black Romulan in (all of) Star Trek history. He was the first writing intern (of ANY hue) to also act on-camera for the Star Trek franchise. Then, the Shakespearean-trained actor left the bright lights to pursue a life in the clergy. Now, he’s a writer putting all his experience to work. Register now
  • June 9 – Nagin Cox – “Mars Needs Women”
    Nagin has been exploring since she decided as a teenager that she wanted to work at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. She was born in Bangalore, India, and grew up in Kansas City, Kansas, and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Her experiences as a girl in a multicultural household showed her how easily we separate ourselves based on gender, race, or nationality, and inspired her to do something that brings people together instead of dividing them. Now as a Tactical Mission Lead on the Mars Curiosity Rover, and international and TedTalk speaker, Nagin loves to share the wonders of space with the world. She even has an asteroid named after her! Register now

Listen to past talks here:

  • March 31 – Liz Hara – Emmy winner and Sesame Street puppeteer, builder & writer – “Pursuing your passion and the necessity of failure.” Podcast Link Here
  • April 7 – Sarah Yeomans – Professor and Archeologist specializing in medicine and healthcare in the ancient world: “What historical pandemics can teach us about our present crisis.” Podcast Link Here
  • April 14 – Silvia Gallini – Visual Artist: “Make Mistakes: A Journey Toward Creative Expression.” Podcast Link Here
  • April 21 – Sarah Yeomans & Rob Latimer – A roundtable chat: How do plagues and collective trauma impact the nature of storytelling? Join Sarah Yeomans (Professor, Archeologist & Research Specialist in Ancient Medicine) and Rob Latimer (Historian & Writer) as they examine how storytelling changed after past pandemics and what might happen after Covid-19. Podcast Link Here
  • April 28 – Valerie Hager – A conversation with Valerie Hager, whose award-winning solo show “Naked In Alaska” (about her childhood and her escape into the world of exotic dancing) unlocked her creative voice. We’ll talk about her journey to becoming a writer, director, and a workshop leader who empowers others to find their own creative voices. Podcast Link Here
  • May 5 – Paul Whitehead – Legendary British Visual Artist: “Playing with Perceptions: The Art of Creating Identity”
    The artist Paul Whitehead came of age in Swinging Sixties Britain and was on the front lines of massive cultural shifts. He’s the founding art director of Time Out London and is known for creating album covers for the band Genesis. Never comfortable being defined as just one thing, Paul developed an alter ego as the artist Tricia Van Cleef, who creates works in a style all her own. Join us as we talk about gender, art, creative spirit, and playing with perceptions. Podcast Link Here
  • May 12 – Molly Sweeney – “The Black Flag of ISIS: Living Within the World’s Best Organized Terrorist State”
    Molly Sweeney is a researcher and author who specializes in the Middle East. Her upcoming non-fiction book, You Must Understand, tells the story of the Islamic State through the eyes of civilians in Iraq and Syria. History and culture sections frame the narratives of the interviews of those most impacted by ISIS. Analyzing the socio-political factors that led to the emergence and proliferation of the Islamic State, Ms. Sweeney invites readers into a nuanced understanding of stories of resilience, courage, and heartbreak. Podcast Link Here
  • May 19 – Heidi Harris – M.A. in Applied Behavioral Science – “The Emotionality of Polarization”
    How do we get through this when we’re all so angry and sure we’re right? What’s coming next? The ability to create understanding between people is crucial for relationships. It’s especially important in today’s heightened environment of polarization. Our emotional reactions can lead to defensiveness, anger, and divisiveness, or to deeper human connectedness, dialogue, and collaboration. The choice is ours. Heidi provides insights and tools for coming out of this with relationships intact. Podcast Link Here
  • May 26 – Rob Latimer – Mental Performance Consultant and Historian
    “Hunter, Gatherer, Accountant, Nurse: The psychology of Stress and Mental Performance in the Modern World”
    If stress is such a common experience, why does our stress response often prevent us from performing at our best? The short answer is because it’s suited for a very different type of stress than we usually face in the modern world. As we collectively face a global pandemic, many people are experiencing extremely high levels of chronic stress in their lives brought about by uncertainty and change. Rob discusses the historical, biological, and psychological dimensions of the human stress response and provides practical instruction on several different techniques we can use to reduce and manage our anxiety in response. Podcast Link Here

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