Script Consultations

Our readers judge for major screenwriting competitions, including Slamdance, Page International, and NYWIFT/IRIS Writer’s Lab. We will read your script, make line notes, and write a detailed report diagnosing problems and suggesting improvements. We also offer telephone or Skype consultations.

Feedback Price List:

 $75 = Short Film or TV Pilot Script (< 40 pages)
$100 = TV Pilot Script (40+ pages); Feature Film Treatment
$125 = Feature Film Script (≤ 120 pages)
$150 = Feature Film Script (121+ pages); TV Pilot Script with Full Season Treatment

Telephone/Skype consultations are $60 per hour (1-hour minimum). If you prefer a consultation in lieu of written feedback on a script or treatment, we will charge you for the feedback plus half price on a one-hour telephone/Skype consultation.

Ongoing consultation packages are also available.

A 10% discount applies for alumni of PageCraft or Michelangelo Screenwriting workshops/retreats.

If interested, please fill out the form at the bottom of this page, and we will be in touch as soon as we can.

WOW! I want to thank you for all your excellent coverage and notes on the script; they were timely and helpful in shaping one our next projects. As a member of the core team of an award-winning “short to feature” film, we know first-hand how critical it is to nail down a script that rises above the average noise. Your recommendations have made it easy for us to communicate with our screenwriter and get the results we want. We’re really grateful for you taking the time! Bravo!”
—Anna Granucci, AMG Pictures Entertainment
Sundance Audience Award winner / Grand Jury Prize winner WHIPLASH