10 Reasons Why Screenplays Fail
How To Identify and Fix Common Screenplay Problems
Leader: Dana Coen
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About the Program:

Speculative screenplays are rejected for numerous reasons. Many are out of the control of writers, such as taste, social, political and industry bias, marketing concerns, perceived lack of box office appeal, similar projects, and so on.

What the writer can control is the quality of their work. Excellent screen stories don’t die. They live on to face another round of judgment. How many times have you heard the story of a script that was rejected by every studio in Hollywood only to collect multiple awards after it was finally produced?

So, given the obstacles, it’s essential to enter the process with a script that works on multiple levels. Otherwise, you are dooming yourselves to a warranted rejection, one that judges the material as faulty or inferior.

This class examines ten major areas in which screenplays tend to fail and examines ways of overcoming each, using a series of checklists, along with examples from two well-known feature films, to provide screenwriters with a toolkit that can be employed to either improve existing work or avoid common mistakes in new projects.


  • “I was in this class at UNCG, and learned a lot…in fact, just what I needed! Thank you so much. I already had a play…and using your guide I have created the outline of a screenplay.” –Nancy N.
  • “Thank you for your excellent class on screenwriting at the North Carolina Writer’s Network spring conference. I found your framework extremely helpful, and I have saved all the course materials for future reference.” –Ray D.

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About Dana Coen:

DANA COEN is the former director of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill Writing for the Screen and Stage program, a two-year, dramatic writing program. A former New York actor and stage director, he has written extensively for television, including Co-Executive Producer/Writer positions on the Fox series BONES, the CBS series JAG, where he spent eight seasons and wrote 37 episodes, and a comedy development deal for Walt Disney Studios. Screenwriting awards include the 2021 Silver Bullet Screenwriting Award for his screenplay SLEEPING UPRIGHT, The Jewish Image Award and The Templeton Prize. As a playwright, his work has been produced extensively, including an off-Broadway production of his play SYMPATHY.