Writing Your Own Hero’s Journey
Location: Online Workshop
Dates: to be announced
Leader: Heidi Hornbacher

Unlocking your own experiences for creative inspiration

PageCraft workshops aren’t only for screenwriters. All creative writing – whether a novel, a memoir, a play, or even a blog – must have good storytelling at its heart. No matter how diverse in tone, style, or content, every resonant story shares basic tenets of structure and flow. The key is in shaping those tenets in original, creative, and authentic ways.

As a woman in the creative industries, I’ve seen my share of voices being co-opted, silenced, or dismissed. The truth is we experience our own journeys every day. Every woman I know has an amazing, infuriating, and invigorating story to tell. Every person I know has a story that could inspire others. If you’ve ever been told your voice doesn’t matter, I’m here to help you unlock it.

This course is about you finding your own voice and telling your story in a platform that suits you. It’s not therapy but it’s likely to be therapeutic and empowering.

We’ll work through journaling, story-telling exercises, and foundational work to create the basis of your story. You’ll reflect on your experiences both joyous and painful, and mine them to find the nuggets of gold that serve your story best. My goal is that you leave the course feeling powerful, in control of your narrative, and confident in your creative voice.

We’ll create your springboard together. How far it will take you is up to you.


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