Writers Lunch
Location: online
Our writers lunch was a pandemic initiative that has now been discontinued. Thank you.

Feedback and support to keep you going.

The Writers Lunch is a wonderful option to get you back in the flow when you’re stuck in your writing process. It can be anything you need it to be. One week, we workshopped a writer’s contest entry letter and talked best practices for creating powerful protagonists. Another week, we shored up a script’s main plot turns and worked on compelling dialog. Another week, we table-read short scenes and designed log lines from plot points.

If you would like to workshop pages, we can generally work with five pages per person. Unfortunately we cannot workshop full scripts in this format, but please do make use of our script consulting Services if that’s what you need.

Although many writers are welcome to hang out in the Writers Lunch, we can only work with the first 8 who sign up on any given week.

Writers Lunch is free on Zoom.

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