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We offer tools, not rules, that you can use to develop your story and craft superior pages, every time. Our
structure, mentorship, and focus on storytelling foundations helps both aspiring and experienced screenwriters succeed.

“As a long-time coach and contest judge, I can tell on the first page if a script is going to be an engaging or painful read. We created PageCraft to help you solve your script’s problems or avoid them in the first place. Many of our clients have gone on to find representation, win contests, and become working writers. Let us help you unlock the potential of your writing and craft a script that judges and executives can’t put down.”
  — Heidi Hornbacher

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“Heidi quickly clears out the clutter and helps you identify your character’s defining traits and the seven-point structure essential for telling your story. I got more accomplished in one three-hour session with her than I had in years. I had the tools I needed to flesh out a ten-page outline in three days. I highly recommend Heidi as a mentor or writing coach if you want to find the magic in your story and get your script written!”
—Sara Nesson, Oscar-Nominated filmmaker

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