Alumni Drop-In Sessions
Location: online (via Zoom)
Sundays, 10am-1pm Pacific Time (sessions resume on January 9, 2022)
Leader: Heidi Hornbacher

Community and insightful support rank at the top of what writers love about our workshops. We want to keep that going for our alumni. And, we understand that sometimes life gets in the way of finishing what you start in one of our workshops.

Almost every Sunday at 10am Pacific, we host an Alumni Drop-In for writers who have finished one of our workshops but are still perfecting a draft. There, we continue to answer your questions, and we table read up to 10 script pages per writer.

Price: Alumni Drop-Ins are $20 per session, or $15 per session if you buy a pack of 4 or more.

Registration: Please write to us at if you are interested. We will invoice you for as many sessions as you would like to buy. Then, each Friday, we send an email to interested alums so you can tell us whether you want to attend on Sunday. Drop-Ins are limited to 8 writers, so reservations are important.

Bonus: Participants are entitled to a discounted one-on-one “office hour,” if scheduled within a week of the drop-in session.

Important Notes:
  • Alumni Drop-In sessions are only available to alumni of Pagecraft’s Concept to Pages workshop, Writing is Rewriting Workshop, or Italy screenwriting retreat.
  • Alumni Drop-Ins may only be used to finish projects that have been previously workshopped within the aforementioned programs. For full or complex rewrites, we strongly recommend registering for our Writing Is Rewriting program.
  • The discounted “office hour” will be priced at 40% of our hourly rate (see Services), must be scheduled within a week of the Drop-In that you attend, and is strictly subject to availability. The additional alumni discount mentioned on the Services page will not apply to these sessions.